January 2015:
The Kickstarter update for January introduced a new character named Erin.

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In the beginning of Destiny Fails Us, Idril's time is devoted to friends, video games, and a childhood crush named Vincent. Everything in her life gets flipped upside down all in one day. Suddenly, romance, school work, and friendships have become more complicated and as Idril takes a step back to reassess her life, You, the Player, take the reigns and decide what will become of Idril's teenage years.

Your choices will effect everything from your friendships, social status and love life, to your grades and what events you experience in the DFU world. Are you the type of person who strives to hold on to all of your friends and loved ones, or would you rather ignore the wants and needs of those around you to further your own gain? Either way, it's up to you to decide whether you would like to be the perfect angel, or feed your inner demon.