It's time to start a new life.

The story of Destiny Fails Us takes place in the Pacific Northwest,
in the fictional town of Moirai. Follow the life of Idril Ar'Feinel,
a girl who spends most of her time playing video games
instead of doing her homework.


Destiny Fails Us: A New Life has 135,000+ words,
7 different endings, 50+ event CGs,
and ~200 choice menus.

Interactive Map

Choose a location via the map to visit different areas around Moirai. Which location you pick will decide whether Idril spends time doing an activity, or getting to know someone.

Maintain Relationships

The City of Moirai has a lot of interesting people.
You can take the time to get to know them and make choices to affect your relationships with them.


Participate in texting conversations with the different people you have relationships with. Replying with different choices can change how the conversation goes.